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RUDDER’s staff complementary skill set and understanding of its clients' needs, acquired also through long experiences of its team members at renowned international trading and shipping groups and physical suppliers companies, distinguishes the company from its competitors.

RUDDER combines this experience with a prudent approach, and a strong motivation to provide a quality service at all times, by anticipating problems and maintaining a constant focus on operational issues.

Prudence and Quality

Prioritise quality of service – we focus on detail, and have internal control systems which assure consistency in the quality of service provided;

Reliable physical suppliers – we have screened our suppliers attentively and choose to work only with those which we are confident will consistently deliver the high quality products required by our clients in a timely manner;

First-class customers – we thoroughly evaluate credit standings of new and existing clients, choosing to work only with financially sound companies;

Understand Clients' Needs and Focus on Operations

Understand clients’ needs and provide tailor-made solutions – our clients include tramp operators, cargo traders, as well as managers of cruise and container vessels. Our clients’ vessels can trade regionally or worldwide. Priorities can vary from flexibility, to cost, to certainty of price. We recognize and understand their differing needs, and work with them to develop tailor-made solutions;

Constant focus on operational issues – some of our staff members have had long experiences in the operations department of leading international ship-owners before moving into bunker trading. They have transmitted their know-how to other team members, to assure operations will always run smoothly;

Motivated and Proactive Staff, with Complimentary Experiences

Highly motivated team, providing a 7/7, and 24/24 service – through our offices in Monaco Singapore and Argentina, and our team members’ high motivation to service our clients at all times, we can assure we will always be there for them;

Proactive and solutions-oriented – through our understanding of our clients’ needs and our commitment to work with them to identify problems and solutions in advance, we believe we can assist them achieve significant cost savings;

Staff with broad and complementary skill-set – our team members' long experiences in bunker trading, physical supplies but also at ship-owners, in cargo trading and other energy-related fields, allows us to look at issues from several perspectives, often resulting in useful insights;

Large Network of Suppliers

Hundreds of ports and physical suppliers worldwide – RUDDER has obtained open accounts from over 400 suppliers worldwide, and since establishment has sold bunkers from more than 450 companies, in over 600 ports located in around 110 countries.



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