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In addition to its core trading activity in marine residual fuels and marine distillate fuels, RUDDER is also involved in the cargo trading of other specialised oil products, to meet specific clients’ requests.

If your company is looking for a reliable counterparty for the purchase or sale of oil products or other commodities, please do not hesitate to contact us; we will attempt to find the most economical and reliable routes to meet your needs.

Ex-Wharf Trading

Rudder also trades in ex-wharf bunkers in some ports. Mainly in Fuel 380 cst and MGO (DMA) grades which, we buy from established traders and oil majors, and sell to local physical suppliers. This helps ensure that the product supplied to our customers are of known origins and good quality. It also underlines our commitment to support suppliers who reciprocate by serving our customers well.

Your company can benefit from the synergy which we have developed. So if you are seeking good value and reliability, please contact us. We will use all our advantages to your benefit.



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